She will be an asset to you personally and professionally

I am honored to have the privilege to write this letter of recommendation for Gerri L. Armbruster. Gerri has been a friend of mine for nearly 23 years. We started our relationship back when she was my superior, boss, manager for Dr. Phil Humber’s office.  Gerri has many qualities not only has she been a dear friend of mine she is the definition of loyalty and integrity. She performs and lives by her excellent ability to care for others. Gerri has experienced many uncomfortable and painful diversity in her life such as life and the loss of her soul mate. She has risen and has found good in each situation. I myself inspire to be such a beautiful person like her. She has many leader skills, manager skills and her professionalism will take her to any level she desires. I am so grateful to have her as a friend and I guarantee that she will be an asset to you personally and professionally. Gerri also is a great communicator and is compassionate, giving, honest and ethical in every detail. She has my highest recommendation and she would be a great asset to any business lucky enough to have her.  

-Christine R.